Location:  Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills
Area:  350 sq.m.
Project  type: Residence
Project year: 2017
This private residence is placed not far from the Hollywood Hills the rare protected area in Los Angeles. The site has a steep topography but mostly constituted of Bedrock. The North-South orientation offers a panoramic view of the LA basin. These conditions naturally protect  from the sun in the warm afternoons.
An elegant palette of minimal, black and white materials creates the illusion of open and expansive space. The library is a room within a room, and this effect is enhanced by a material desaturation and the daylight window on the top. The light palette creates an interlocking condition which yields an apparent expansion of the space.
The residence’s  that opens itself on the exterior is made of white color and insulated glass reflecting the surrounding sky and vegetation. As a result the house disappears into its environment, still managing to open itself to it.