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      In the beginning we had focused the attention to a functional zoning for IT-office. After the research they understood that existing solutions can be improved. A spacious co-working, the center of Kiev, the developed infrastructure, good transportation are not enough. Architects have decided to create the perfect office for IT-experts and relocate the office from main streets to a green suburb. Architects analyzed the details of IT-experts schedule and conditions of work. The main issue of the project to improve the conditions of work or IT-professionals in accordance with their actual needs and lifestyle.There was born the idea  of a universal-office module for IT-company. Architects developed the concept of an independent module with its own infrastructure. This module was developed as the first “brick” for the future IT-city. There was developed a complete ecosystem, micro-infrastructure, which can be the beginning for the adjacent areas development. The shape is based on the classic form. It is a box. It was divided into 4 functional zones. There was important to organize an internal courtyard. In the point of necessary issues and the idea of technologies the box changed its shape. A simple geometry of the yard also had been changed. The selection of façade’s materials was determined by the idea of modern technology. The market of IT- technologies is transparent and architects find new unique products daily. Metal and Wire Mesh Materials were chosen to cover the fronts. The total module’s area is 2000 sq.m. It is the optimum area for 200 people- the average employees number of one department or small IT company’s office. Adjacent areas were developed ina functional and simple way. Landscape solutions were developed as a separation of the pedestrian zone and the roadway. The pedestrian area and a recreation area near the UN.IT are on different levels with parking and roadway.