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The interior design process with M3 Architects is the algorithm of actions performed in a certain order. At the first stage, we closely cooperate with a client to define the list of tasks and design specification.

  1. Design specification or brief is the principal written document which forms the basis of interior design project. We carefully analyze all the data received from a client in written or orally and we summarize them in a short brief. The brief starts with definition of the list of tasks which should be solved in the course of design making: functional purpose, stylistics, materials, complete unit. The brief also specifies certain wishes of a client, the budget and terms of interior completion.
  2. Design decision (space-planning solution) and interior mood. After the design specification (brief) formation, we start working out interior planning concepts. The interior planning concepts mean planning of space or functional zones and placement of furniture and the required equipment. Together with working out the interior planning concepts we create a preliminary selection of furniture, light, finishing materials, decoration and textiles which display the general idea and mood of the project. The design decisions are provided to a client for study and approval. The best variant is defined as the basic idea for further work. We make additions on the basis of the client’s comments and start working out sketches of the interior.
  3. Interior sketches mean 3D graphic model of the interior created on the basis of the approved planning and stylistic solution. At this stage the following elements are developed: geometry of ceilings, walls, floors, furniture decisions, as well as defined finishing materials in the interior. Also in the sketch model we solve in detail the tasks of ergonomics, storage and functional purpose of separate zones or furniture elements. We make additions on the basis of the client’s comments and start working out the project at the high level of particularization.
  4. The design documentation of the interior is a set of drawings, schemes, photorealistic images (3d visualization) of the future interior. The project provides selection of samples of particular materials used in the interior. Process of working out of the project is based on the approved sketch of the interior. The first step in working out of the detailed interior design project is creation of photorealistic visualizations, together with selection of finishing materials, furniture, light, decoration and textiles. After approval by a client of 3d visualization, we start working out the detailed drawings and schemes, cuts and units required for construction works.
  5. The design and repair documentation is used by our or other company acting as the General Contractor for execution of works in making of estimate cost documentation prior to starting the repair works. The estimate cost documentation is definition of the cost which the General Contractor will take for the repair works. After selection of contractors the design documentation becomes a part of a legal agreement (contract) concluded between the General Contractor and the Customer. Certain sections of the document package will form the basis for further work of the subcontractors performing particular volumes of work (manufacturing and installation of furniture, electric wiring works, installation and connection of sanitary appliances, finishing and decorating etc.). The General Contractor shall use the construction documentation for coordination and scheduling of work of subcontractors to provide its safe and due performance. Our team of architects specializing in development of interiors shall use the construction documentation to make sure that the work is carried out correctly. During execution of repair works the architects will visit a building site for survey and making reports on the course of execution of repair works and to solve arising problems.


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