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The design process with M3 Architects is the algorithm of actions performed in a certain order. At the first stage, we closely cooperate with a client to define the list of tasks and design specification.

  1. Design specification or brief is the principal written document which forms the basis of design project. The design specification describes characteristics, tasks, parameters, the budget and details which the building should possess.

    The brief starts with the task assignment – the design purposes describing general characteristics of the designed building: functional purpose, area of building, height, number of floors, types of premises, structural scheme, stylistics, space-planning decisions, description of the site area, principal decisions on utilities infrastructure. As a rule, design specification describes requirements on engineering procurement, on placing of lighting equipment, structure of furniture, process equipment, and decoration elements required for high-grade operation of the building. At the stage of design specification development the design terms are defined taking into account all stages of work on the project.

  2. Concept. After development of the design specification, we start working out the schematic design or concept of the object. The concept is a search of the idea which is the basis of the planning decision and appearance of the future building. The concept includes:

– sketch of the building illustrating approximate dimensions with reference to environment;

– preliminary functional zoning, plans of the building;

– preliminary decisions of functional purpose of the building at the construction site taking into account its topography and other physical peculiarities.

  1. Design project. Conceptual decisions are provided to a client for study and approval. The best variant is defined as the basic idea for further work. We make additions on the basis of the client’s comments and start working out the project at the high level of particularization.

At the project development stage the architects shall coordinate the work of other specialists in charge of various aspects of both interior and exterior decisions. Engineers shall develop constructions, heating and ventilation, water supply and sewage, air-conditioning, electric equipment, drainage, sewer. At this stage the decisions are made concerning the applied construction and finishing materials, methods of construction for precise implementation of the ideas and plans which represent the design concept. The precise image of the building, planning decisions, location of the building at the site are defined and developed according to its functional purpose. The developed design project is provided to the client for consideration and approval. According to the building norms and regulations the design project can be approved by the local government authorities or by the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate.



  1. Construction documentation and building. After coordination and approval the design works come to the following stage – construction documentation. This is a stage of preparation of structural connections, details and specifications. These documents include combination of drawings and written documentation (notes, schedules and specifications) which describe the building completely and precisely enough to implement it.

The detailed design project provides detailed working out of such elements of the building as the foundation, walls, floor structures, roof, ventilation and heating, water supply and sewage units, electric equipment and other engineering decisions. The size and form of ladders, stages, elevators, ramps, ceilings, doors, windows and other constituent parts of the building are also developed at this stage. For working out the design of premises we render interior design services.

The construction documentation is used by our or other company acting as the General Contractor for execution of works in making of estimate cost documentation prior to starting the construction works. The estimate cost documentation is definition of the cost which the General Contractor will take for construction of the building. After selection of contractors the construction documentation becomes a part of a legal agreement (contract) concluded between the General Contractor and the Customer. Certain sections of the document package will form the basis for further work of the subcontractors performing particular volumes of work (excavation, timbering and concrete placement, steelwork erection, joinery work, plumbing fixtures, electrical installation works etc.). The General Contractor shall use the construction documentation for coordination and scheduling of work of subcontractors to provide its safe and due performance. Our architects use the construction documentation to make sure that the work is carried out correctly. During execution of construction works the architects will visit a building site for survey and making reports on the course of execution of construction works and to solve problems arising in this connection.

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